25 lieux d'innovation
Landing page and website

25 lieux d'innovation

Revealing innovation through 25 exceptional places

We designed the landing page and the website accompanying the launch of the first edition of the book 25 lieux qui changent l'innovation en France (2022 list).

UI/UX Design
Front end
In the beginning

An original graphic charter

The project, supported by the Banque des Territoires, France urbaine, Patriarche and JLM Conseil, aims to highlight the physical and unifying spaces that are shaking up the codes of interaction, sharing and experimentation in France.

The book 25 lieux qui changent l'innovation en France (25 places that change innovation in France), and the related website, showcase some of the main innovation platforms that contribute to the economic and social development of French territories.

The colourful graphic charter, created by Patriarche Creative, enabled us to design a dynamic and original landing page and website, in the image of the places highlighted.