As a Patriarche Group entity dedicated to design and deployment of digital solutions applied to architecture, February  is first and foremost an agent of digital transformation centered on the use and experience of users.


Smart Building

Imagining and designing digital and intelligent buildings by enhancing their efficiency, interoperability and functionality.

With its hybrid knowledge of architecture and new uses, February | Patriarche assists the Patriarche Group and its clients in the design of intelligent and digital offices, factories, hospitals, and living spaces focused on services and user experience. Our method? A balanced marriage between physical assets and the exploitation of digital services to create fully connected spaces that combine comfort and well-being, intelligent data management, efficiency and innovation.

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Digital solutions

Digital to enrich the spatial and service experience.

February | Patriarche's approach aims to evolve communication between spaces and their occupants, helping users and operators alike to understand how to act effectively within the places they occupy.
How do we do it? We leverage the full potential of new technologies and data to increase the energy, operational and experiential value of a new or refurbished building. Focusing on three priority areas - energy and carbon, occupancy and user quality of life - we have developed Higgins by February, a Smart application suite that can be deployed in a variety of environments (offices, labs, hotels, etc.) using customized, interconnected systems. This building-connected solution, offering a wide range of services, makes occupants aware of their impact, while empowering them to take action.


About ux

Specialising in the design of digital services and solutions applied to architecture, cities and their users, February is Patriarche's digital entity.

Driven by an ambition to get ahead of trends and rise to the challenges that are transforming the property industry, February | Patriarche imagines and designs “smarter” buildings which are capable of improving energy efficiency, interoperability and occupant services over the long term. By offering tailor-made tools, facilities and methods that both optimise the programming and design processes and enhance operations, February | Patriarche works across the entire value chain of its real estate projects. Whether upstream – by installing sustainable smart systems – or downstream, through the design of customised digital solutions, our experts in new technologies put their skills to use every day to continuously improve the life cycle of buildings of every purpose (commercial, industrial, residential, health, etc.). Seeking to innovate and optimise uses, its actions are focused on the user experience.