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Locate, reference, share!

Share is More

The first collaborative application for architectural references

Share is More allows its users to discover architecturally remarkable buildings, reference them and share them with an active community of architecture enthusiasts.

Share is More
UI/UX Design
PWA (Web app)
Listing of thousands of projects

A building
A project sheet

In a few seconds, Internet users can search and discover thousands of architectural projects.

Projects can be found directly on the map with the possibility of geolocation or through a keyword search. A dedicated Keywords section also allows the user to discover thematic albums related to the projects.

Each architectural project description highlights its main characteristics, photos and also the agencies and companies that took part in the project.

Two approaches to using the application

Private portfolio or shared with the community

They can decide to enrich their portfolio by bookmarking projects available to all, by adding their own comments and photos if they wish, or by building up their own database of projects in a private portfolio.

Highlighting architectural projects for related professions

The various trades surrounding architecture are represented. Thus, each agency and company can highlight their experience and expertise while contributing to the development of a collective architectural culture.

Spotlight on suppliers and service providers

A resource for linking the achievements and products of construction companies

Companies benefit from a new digital resource to share their achievements and promote their products. Within an active community, they develop their reputation and promote their expertise.

Internet users can also bookmark products that interest them in their material library.