Le Natur
Landing page and website

Le Natur

Between city and greenery.

We designed the landing page and website for the launch of the new Le Natur real estate project in the d'Estimauville eco-district in Quebec City.

Bart (Canada)
UI/UX Design
Front end

A lively and engaging universe with character

The dynamic graphic charter of the real estate programme created by Patriarche Creative was used for the landing page and the website.

It is a sophisticated marriage between a plant and tree world and an urban world, close to street-art.

Mobile first

On the go

We have designed the interfaces for mobile use above all.

More than 55% of users visit the property programme website on their smartphone.
That's why the user experience must be as attractive as possible.

In a few scrolls, the Internet user obtains key information on the available accommodation and learns about the featured worlds via the dedicated gallery.

Availability of housing

Finding the perfect home

Users can easily find out about the availability of accommodation on their mobile phone.

The desktop version offers users a visual experience that immerses them directly in the building's representation, whereas on the mobile version, users go straight to the point by choosing the floor they are interested in and then the units available or not on that floor; at any time, they have the possibility to navigate through the floors.

3D visit and additional information

Make yourself at home

A 3D visit (integrated via an iframe) allows potential buyers to experience total immersion.

Additional information on the real estate programme is also offered with an accordion system.